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Step into the World of High-Resolution 3D Printing with Resin! Welcome to our exceptional Resin collection, crafted to deliver unmatched precision and detail in your 3D prints. Ideal for resin-based 3D printers, this liquid photopolymer material offers outstanding surface quality and intricate features, making it perfect for jewelry, miniatures, dental models, and engineering prototypes. With a diverse selection of colors and formulations, Resin caters to a broad spectrum of applications. Revel in the ease of post-processing with minimal support removal and rapid curing times. Elevate your 3D printing journey with Resin and witness your most intricate designs come to life in stunning detail!

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Creality LCD UV Resin Plus Transparent Bule 1L


Standard Rigid Resin Plus Transparent Blue Creality 1lt


Creality UV Rigid Resin Skin 1L


Creality LCD Resin 500g Transparent Blue